Today was a lllooonnngggg day. Just over 100 miles, with about 40 min of fast motor pacing. The course was really up and down, which takes a toll on a fat guy like me. The beginning of the ride felt good, but as the miles stacked on I felt worse and worse. Hopefully by big race time I can ride the bike for that long without feeling as bad as I do now.

Yesterday was an easy two hours to clean out the leftovers in the legs from the weekend. Hotels definitely don't help with recovery. I'm slowly loosing my head being stuck in here. I'm just glad I brought a Ps2 and Guitar Hero2.

time for bed

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Karen said...

Thanks Daniel for posting what you are FEELING during these rides and after the plane rides... I now have a feel for how you are EXPERIENCING your riding. I like all your news via the different medias, but this really brings it to the human/personal level. Good luck with your rides and blessings on your muscles - body & head. Auntie Karen