I'm in the cuts.

We are way out in the west of Virginia. Some edjumicated people out here, and lots of confederate flags. Dango Mayne. The hotel were staying at is pretty cool. There is a mane place with the lobby and dining and some of the room attached, and the rest are across the street on a hill. It has 5 or so 4 room building where some of the teams are staying. Doesn't have the complete hotel feel to it.

The team here is motivated and pretty optimistic. Sol-Air is riding top notch from what I understand and our 130lb climber seems to have fitness. Looks like I'll be playing bottle catcher all week.

The ITT was this morning, I got the green light to take 'er easy with the crit later this evening. It was a up down up down short TT, with some wind. It was a good course for most of the guys, so we should have a guy in a good place for the 1st road stage.

legs feel alright to ride tonight, we'll see how it plays out on a hard lil crit course.

Time to put the legs up.

chuckin' up tha deuce

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Erek said...

Good luck ass face