Been a good week, done some awesome motor work with the father. Can defiantly feel the rpm's coming up.

So last weekend was fun. Sat was the crit, I'm glad the girlfriend motivated me to race cause I sure wasn't in the mindset to race after the week I had. The race went well, I mean as well as it could for me not riding the 2 days prior. Erek and I's plan was to chill and seek out any dangerous breaks that got a gap. Within the first 15min or so a break of 8 or so went, we bridged with a few guys and ramped up the speed to drop some of the weight. The break never got a huge gap, but eventually got smooth a started to make some time. I cracked after 25 min or so in the break, the legs and lungs had nothing. I was hacking out all sorts of stuff. But hey Erek was sitting pretty and riding strong. I floated back to the pack and road the last 10 laps or so spinning all the mess out of my body. With all the money up the road the set up from the group gallop was a mess. I opted out to watch Erek duke it out. Jamiel from Sierra jumped with just under a lap to go, Erek hesitated just a second to long; but came close by the line.

The road race was a spectacular event. A huge field of 15 showed up, and some were allergic to the wind. With all jokes aside about waiting for the 3's that opted out not to join fields, I started off the attacks after the first few miles. From there on out Erek and I swapped attacks tell the small field didn't want to chase. Erek got off the front with Akita Wong. A small group off 4 started to chase. And the rest of the field was content on watching Jamiel. Jamiel and I waited for the right time to bridge. We went, caught the small group of 4, sat on them for a k or so then went straight to Erek and his partner. Once we caught them we were gone. After establishing our gap, we started to just roll threw not killing ourselves. With 2 to go Erek told me he wanted to start racing his bike again. I tried to convince hi
+m otherwise and wait it out, I really wasn't in the mood to do some time trialing. Erek took the bull by the horns and attacked after the feed zone. Luckily enough they didn't jump right on him so I didn't have to counter attack. Jamiel had to do some quite funny convincing to get Wong to join in the chase. After a lap of soloing away on the windy course they gave up. Tried to make a bargain about rolling threw so we didn't get caught by the other chasers. I attacked to see what the legs were feeling like. A NO GO!!! Felt horrible, now it was game on, now more free ride for me. The other chasers caught us with 3/4th's lap to go. Attack went left, attack went left right, I didn't want anything to get away so we could go for a 1, 2. Going in to the final left turn with 800m or so to go 2 guys went and I was in a great spot. With Jamiel on my wheel I felt the pressure and went early, Jamiel waited and came around me in the last 30m or so. I was happy with the race, 1 3 and Ereks second on Sat.

This past week has been good, I finally feel mostly healthy and have a smile on my face. This weekend is a great local weekend. The track is gonna be open for some racing on sat. Sun is my first attempt at Mt. Hamilton, and the always fun Memorial day crit in my back yard. I always enjoy this race, it has played out almost differently every year. Plus the 4th annual BBQ should be great.

Time to have some fun tomorrow. And keep the mind free.


Hooptie said...

You gotta do Panoche next time, fun race.

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