Slid into the lycra today for a solid 2:30. It felt good after being off the bike for 3 days. What didn't feel good was all the mucous that came out of almost everywhere, for that 2:30. But I did put out the best 5 seconds of power all year near the end of the ride. Your probably laughing, like HA! 5seconds, where is that ever going to play out? Well 5seconds at that speed is 100m or so. That means bridging a gap, or sprinting for the win. That 5seconds matters. Well maybe not really.

I'm going to test system on the good'ol bears tomorrow, before actually racing them the next. The climbing there definitely hurts, but if my legs feel alright and my heads into it. I might do OK. Another race that I would just like to finish.

So my old age is clickin' over again here in the next 2 weeks, and I been looking around at some cool toys. One is the really sweet cruiser. Get'er Done
There is some other cool models they make, but this one really catches my eye. One I really like old old school Indians, plus it reminds me of an old school derny motor. Already have test road it and all that jazz. Rides some dam nice, I do think that I would actually ride it to the ice cream shop and movie place; instead of it being another bike in the garage. Plus I think it would be totally sweet to get Nitto bar, stem, post for it. Plus a sweet brooks saddle, and some other little trick gizmo's for it. But man o man those big tires make me smile. :D

Well more dreaming about other sweet sweet bike parts that might actually help me get second or third in a bike race or two.

Ride it like you stole it


McSassy said...

5 seconds matters


Steve Fong said...

Hey, I have some suggestions for a mustache bar. Contact me swfong at yahoo.com, dude.