So went out for a stroll with the Specialized boys for there normal lunch ride. All was swell, Big Tim came out on his bike to moto the first bit. After the first stop sign we start to go again, BAM snap yet another chain. Crack my knee on the stem and twist the opposite ankle.

The group is stoked that I stay up right and don't take any of them out. Two of the guys stop to help me out. Luckily enough one of the guys has a quick link, and the other has the tools and ingenuity to knock of the broken link with a allen tool and rocks.

The fix definitely works and could possibly be race worthy but the link was a 9spd instead of 10spd. Went to the bike shop after I licked my wounds at home, to get a new chain.

Well it's a short week, looks like I'm headed out to St. Louis for an underground crit. Hopefully I come out alive.

Here's to rest and some chili dogs.

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Hooptie said...

Clearly your bike was not ODH certified.