It's good to be home. Well at least the USA, not quite back to Cali just yet. A short pit stop in Chi town and then to home. You know your back in the U.S. when you hear people talking about how to make moonshine, and obese people slurring there words talking about NASCAR. Man you gotta love this country.

My wounds are slowly healing, mostly just really annoying. My ego is still pretty bruised too.

Sense I've been back in the US I've spent to good quality time with pops talking about my trip and what I've missed back home. Plus talking about all the what ifs and home comes in the bike world.

I do miss my girlfriend a whole bunch and can't wait to see her.

I know my mom is going to be pretty stoaked to see me also.

Oh ya, I think I might be going to Missouri in Sept for some sort of big bike race. Tour of Missouri or something like that. It's not final or anything but I would be so happy to go, it's pretty flat and should be pretty hard. Hopefully I'll find out this weekend.

Time to nap it up before the Pro/Am crit tonight as warm up for tomorrows big day. Weather man says it might rain. : )


Williams Cycling said...


Way to go dude! It does not get any bigger than crit nats. Congrats to you and the family.

See you soon!

Steve Fong said...

Well, you proved it. You are faster than I am.


Marc said...

That must have been some nap-

Congratulations Danny.

Now you're famous. And you get to wear
a stars and stripes jersey in a lot of crits!

Lets hope someone gives you a nice contract for next year. Living the dream...

Rory said...

Sweet! Can't wait to see the stars and stripes jersey.