I would first like to say Thank You to everyone who has texted, called, emailed, and all other means to say congrats. It really means a lot to me.

What a beautiful week. Took a few days of the bike and just relaxed, it felt awesome. Spending time with the lady sleeping in, staying up late joking around, just what I needed. This weekend was nice too, got to see the best friends and some really good family friends who have always been there to help whether it be speed skating or cycling. Catching up with everyone has been cool, I've missed a few things while I was away.

The past week has let me soak in what happened a week ago pretty well. But what I love most is the best friends that keep me grounded. When I get out of line they are there to put me right back in my place.

I've road a few times sense being home and it's felt okay. After taking as long as I did off it usually takes a bit to get going again. The miles are going to start piling on here shortly and I hope I'm ready. My hip has been acting funky sense I got back home so I got checked out today and got fixed. Big thanks to Peter Block for that.

I'd like to give a big thank you to the VMG team for all there support and getting me ready to race. A big thank you to Noel, Ells, The Fox, all the mechanics in Europe to make sure I came back top notch. The whole Specialized family for taking care of all my little problems that have come up. There bikes are absolutely amazing. A huge thank you to Lombardi Sports who gave me the early opportunity's to get where I am. Thank you to Farid for being there since day one to make sure I was ready when I wanted to be ready mentally and physically. Thank you to all the guys who came out on Tuesday afternoons to train and make me work hard at the track. All the guys who made me suffer at the track while racing. A big thank you to everyone who supported me and a bigger thank you to everyone who didn't think I could do it, gave me that extra bit of motivation.

I have definitely been enjoying some good'ol junk food. Cake and cookies a few big burgers with cheese, all that yummy type stuff. That will always be my weakness. Time to kick the feet up, enjoy some more movies and snuggle time with the lady.


James Theo said...

cheese..uh oh daniel. lol

Anonymous said...

Thank you buddy, I am very proud of you.


Tuesday Pride - Authentic Grease

Home of the Pork Rind

Chris said...

Next time you are in Austin to race you can indulge on some local Tex Mex. It really is great for energy.

Spencer B said...

dude you btter get yo ass back on that bike if your gonna do Tour of Misery....if not I'll take your spot