Haven't been here to long but the weather is good and the forecast looks even better. Went for a ride today to open up and get some lovely fresh air. the roads look pretty exciting to race on. It's pretty exciting to see some of the big faces on and off the bike walking around. To be honest I'm super excited and also pretty nervous about this whole thing. More good news keeps rolling in about all the possibilities of next year.

The boys at Specialized are crazy amazing. I got the new SL2 to ride on, It's ridiculous. The thing is super stiff and handles like a dream. I was doing some motor pacing right after I got it and holy crap, even at 80+k's on a bumpy road and high cadence the thing shoots straight as an arrow. I can't wait to get some more time on it and hopefully let something loose either here (if everyone falls down) or in Vegas later this month. Specialized is an awesome group of guys from top to bottom, at this point I couldn't ask for a better sponsor. Thanks Guys!

Team presentation is tonight, kinda nervous about that. Never really been a part of such an ordeal. Wheewww, all this is pretty crazy for me, so I'm trying to stay chill and not waste random energy off the bike.

Tell next time.


Anonymous said...

sorry i understimated and goofed on your SL2. i DID really know how much slight of a difference the performance made. lets just call it jealousy even though im not a racer, but be even from here on. =)<3

Miller said...

Git'r done McLovin!!