So the season is over. Yippie skippy doo dah!

Track nationals went as expected. Got in to both finals and road well for what preperation I had, and what motivation i had left. Unfortunelty the madison didn't go as planned, but Dave and I do have all our skin so thats good. The racing this year was probably some of the fastest in recent history. Some really good guys still failed to make finals, and those who did had a hard time.

One last "race" is on the schedule this year. Rose and I are headed down to San Diego for there invitational 2day. This race is always a blast and not taken seriously at all which makes things that much better. Plans have changed for the winter, I'm going to be staying home for most of it: not leaving untill January for the 6day stuff. I need a break and Noel can see that, so he's going to be nice and let me rest. I'm kind of looking for a job to take up some time and to maybe fill the pocket a tiny bit. I'll probably start skating again, it will be a nice change of pace and for sure help gain some strength I didn't have this year. Hopefully I don't slack to much and still ride the bike to keep from gaining to much weight.

Final final details are being worked out for the 08 season. I'll let it out so I don't jinx myself.

Ahhhh. No worries.


Olaf Vanderhoot said...

come race some cross with us hooligans.

whewee ... i just realized you get to wear that stars'n stripes jersey to all the crits next year.

hell yeah, baby!

Anonymous said...

Vaughters U23 team, just announced on velonews tv. Sucks that you won't git to do some of the big race cause your are amateur

James Theo said...

congrats on the slipstream u23 thing or whatever, that's pretty sweet.