First off I wanna give a super THANK YOU!! to my parents. They made life so easy down there for me to do my thing. I wanna say Thank You and I love you to my Girl for keeping my relaxed and positive when I was feeling tired. I monster THANKS!!! to Dave K at FELT for hooking me up with the best frickin' bike I've ever put a leg over, makes riding hard that much easier. And Thank You for everyone who said good luck and good job, rooting for me and being a fan. If your not a fan, I still feed off your hate. :-)

So track nationals went super well. Garmin took all the Endurance events and the KILO. I personally had a wonderful week. I came home with 5 medals, 4 gold 1 bronze. I think that is more than anyone else at nationals.

The Team Pursuit went awesome considering all the little details that were left out. About 2 hours total of team practice, about 2 hours on a brand new bike and position for myself. Our 4th guy is no expert but stepped up HUGE!! Plus having a sponsor on the team made us all step up a touch. Plus we were only a second slower than lasts year winning time and they overall had a stronger motor and a lot more time invested.

The Kilo Mini Phinney Slaughtered everyone, there is to everyone who said he could only go 1:06.

The pursuit Phinney again did what he know how to do and easily set the track record and took home the gold.

The scratch race went beyond what I had hoped for and planned for. Colby and I had talked about how we were going to approach the final sprint and let me do my thing; but that never happened. I ended up taking 2 laps on the field, only one rider was able to gain a lap. Colby did an amazing job keeping everything under control while I was off the front. I personally couldn't believe how it all played out and how great I felt.

The points race was my turn to slay for Colby while he worked over the field to take a dominating win. Colby ended up taking two laps on the field with one other rider and I got 1 lap. In the end of it all I ended up 3rd and the 1st U23 rider.

The madison was yet again another fantastic race. I have not felt that good on a bike, let alone a brand new track bike in quite some time. I was a bit nervous going into the race with how long it was and it was the 4th hard day of racing. But right from the gun Colby and I put pressure on everyone and showed we were there to win. The most impressive ride was the 3rd place team both guys are under 18. They really shocked me.

Now it is time to relax for a couple weeks before I start to ramp up the miles and speed work before the 6days.

And for the most exciting news is Rose and I adopted a Doggie. She is a Beautiful miniature Bulldog, she has a perfect brindle coat and a sweetheart personality. I can't wait to spend the next couple of weeks with her and spoil her rotten with love.


norcalcyclingnews.com said...

Congrats, Daniel.

and there's more on the horizon.

enjoy the downtime, and best of luck as you train your ass off for the next hurdle.


Anonymous said...

you Da man!
Keep it rolling

Nikki said...

Huge congrats Daniel! It's been a lot of fun following you this year and it's great that the racing is still on! Congrats at an awesome week on the track! Rest up and kill them in the 6 days!

velogirl said...

Daniel! Congratulations to you (and mom and dad and girl and sponsors). I've enjoyed watching you develop over the years. You're a humble champion and it's such a pleasure to read your blog. You have a long, successful career ahead of you!

woo hoo!


Steve R said...

Wow - I always expect you to do well, but this was way beyond that. Congratulations.

Had to laugh at the "feed off your hate" comment - nice post.

We'll be watching the 6-day results.

Williams Cycling said...

The boy who would be KING.

Anonymous said...

Well done Daniel! The thing I admire most about your racing is your support system - it makes achieving anything possible.


Nikki said...

Hey Daniel!
I hope you find a few minutes soon so you can update us on how things are going. I've been trying to keep any eye on how you and Colby have been doing but nothing beats updates directly from you guys!

Hope all is going well!