So the Zuidlaren 6 is over and I am in Germany now between the races. On the 9th we are headed down to Zurich Switzerland. I'm pretty excited to see if Switzerland is how it is in the pictures.

So this 6 went pretty well. Colby and I have totally cleaned up our exchange and have become pretty efficient. I crashed myself pretty hard on the last day putting on a good show with Robert Slippens in the team Miss and Out final. At least I have some time to rest up and get my knee and my shoulder back to 100% or close to that, they say Zurich is pretty hard.

Here is a few pics of the week.

Taking a nap on night 6

Colby and I.

Andy Beikirch taking a snooze on day 3

Our bad ass staff. Gary and Joerg

Colby....well being Colby.

Derny drivers keeping busy

Overview of the track from the bridge.


Anonymous said...

Check out the Pork Rind!


Steve R said...

Sounds like you've reached a whole new level of track racing.

I want to go to Zurich so much I looked up a flight-and-hotel deal online. $1235 is pretty good, but it just can't happen right now.

Maybe next year. Good luck at the races!

Some succeed said...

Hey Daniel, As I'm sure you're finding out today Z├╝rich doesn't have huge mountains you have to go to the alps to feel like you're in heaven. I live like 2k from the track i'm gonna come out and watch on Saturday night.

good luck!

Anonymous said...

More updates please..........