In no particular order

The view from our hotel after day 2.

A super zoomed in shot of the active volcano we were riding around for 3 days.

The same mountains when we arrived that night. Isn't the brown sky awesome.

A sweet view from the apartment I stayed at in Girona. It was so much better in person, sorry for the crap photo.

A cool little town I ran in to while riding in Girona.

A solid race on sunday to get some confidence back under the belt.

Austin stoked about the police escort after day 3. We would have never made it to the hotel if it wasn't for the escort.

A nice waterfall in front of the hotel of day 4.

Some mansions on the hill.


YbsisKaren said...

Thanks for posting what you experience thru photos. You certainly are getting to some most interesting places that most tourists would never see. So much can be said for traveling on a bike. So proud to be your Aunt. Keep up the great work and enjoy it. Ride ON.

Manley Man said...

Nice job at Menlo. It was fun hanging with the fast guys in that race. Gotta say that things definitely felt safer the faster we went.

Patty Holloway said...

When's the next update coming through