So I'm bummed.

I totally missed the premier of MASH SF. This bike racing has me all over and I miss some great great things. I can't wait to some how get a hold of the DVD.

Its so awesome when some of these guys come out to the track and rock it on a Saturday. Plus, simply what they do is ART, these guys have better bike handling than 99% of any bike racer; road, mtb, cross, bmx, and track racers. Tons and Tons of respect flow there way.

The new shirts is a must get, they simply look amazing. PLUS the PHILxMASH colab Absolutely SICK, Starting today funds to get a set. Hopefully they ain't BANK!


Olaf Vanderhoot said...

keep me posted about Riggs, dholla.


Steve Fong said...

forget those fixie fags. Here's Brian going wall riding during the last Critical Mass


DHOLLA said...

Thats nothing that a true OG couldnt do on a fixie.