It has been way to long sense my last post.

My apologize to the 5 people who read this. That's if I'm lucky.

So last weekends race, went well, I mean as good as it could have felt for the week I had prior to the race. The stomach felt alright the day I arrived, I was able to eat and that good stuff. Did a local training crit, embarrassed myself, then a good ride with the Big Bad Billy Kurtz. Plus more recovery and stretching. Then on the morning ride Alex and I got lost in the small town we were staying at, made for a good adventure.

We arrive to the race, check the course and watch Jen harass the 3's. (they combined fields.) Alex and I get the numbers, get a cup of joe; his cold, mine HOT. I'm still an amateur at the whole coffee thing and what is available. So needless to say I was now officially warmed up.

We chamiosed up, rolled the BUMPY course for a bit tell stageing began. After all the call ups I got a nice second row start. The gun went off and the pace was a blazin'. It was nice to be upfront cause it was strung out the first ten laps, then the pace was on and then ON; no real big let ups. Alex and I found ourselves in a few early moves but then settled in to the field. A 3 man move went with a good part of the race, but definitely had a good gap in the closing laps. But the other teams wanted it back, so Alex and I got up in the top 10 and followed wheels. Alex did a great job making sure I had a safe place, and that no one was gonna fight me for Vogels wheel. Going in to the first corner on the last lap I clipped a pedal big time. I was so caught up in the race I didn't even think that I almost died, but Billy and Alex said it was a complete scramble behind me. EHHEHEHEHEHEHEHE. The last 3 corners were fast and fun, coming out of the last corner I gained on Vogels for like 2 pedal strokes and then he put it in 6th gear and was gone. I lost one place in the sprint to end up 6th. I am completely happy with it considering the week I had before and I haven't raced a crit like that all year. Got some confidence, and mentally ready for Fitchburg. Well at least I think I am.

This week I hit up the track for a nice training session. Something I haven't done all year due to track renovation. I can totally feel that I'm missing the track in my legs. So hopefully I will be able to hit it more before I head to Nationals.

Tomorrow is the first Friday night of the year. Glad to be around for it. Hopefully I won't work myself over to much so I have some legs for the big day on Sat. 10g's, I'm looking to get a good chunk of the pie. Burlingame is on Sun, that crit is always a blast.

Monday I'm headed out to PA for a nice little stage race. Hopefully I make the DS happy.

Will step my blogging back up. Sorry.


Karen said...

count us in as one of the readers - the UT group

Olaf Vanderhoot said...

here ... i'll read it twice so you can count it at 7.

DHOLLA said...

Thanks Olaf!