The track racing went well last night. The legs came around towards the end of the night. It wasn't a super heavy field, but some of the new guys who are coming out are throwing down nicely. It is going to be a lot of good fun plus pain and suffering when all the boys show up to play.

Today was the big money local race; Strawberry's had there full squad there, Wholberg, Aron Olsen from T-Mobile decided to come out, plus more strong locals. I'm way to tired to list everyone. So plan was to go with anything that was super super dangerous, and just wait for the field sprint. Things changed with 10 to go when Olsen jumped and had a gap, The Grinch bridged and I was right there to follow. The move looked really solid. I was feeling OK Grinch is always a killer and I mean Olsen, why not follow when he goes with 10 to go?

We worked well for the first few laps, but Grinch had a bad day and blew, Olsen was killing it. I could only pull for the next few laps and then it was all I could do to sit on. I took a few pulls when I could, but we simply needed some more horse power so Olsen could rest a bit. We got caught with a lap and a half to go, I attempted to jump back in, but I was pretty rocked and it was SUPER sketchy. Even though money is great, I'd rather have my skin for some more important races coming up.

We have the always fun Burlingame tomorrow, and then a long over night travel day on Monday night. Hopefully I can recover well for the opening of F'burg.


Brian Peterson said...

Awesome job at Burlingame today! Congrats on the win. Good luck back east and in Europe. We'll keep the track warmed up for you.

FstrBlly said...

Nice one at Burlingame. Wish I was there to see it!

Williams Cycling said...


Revenge! After a steller ride Sat....it's nice to see you come back strong on Sunday and cash the check!

PS. You looked great on Saturday!