Long week to say the least. I had tons of fun with all the guys before we parted ways, for the last big race of the year.

The RR went ok, I did my early work as best I could and then got dropped. A break went with one of our guys in it. Slipstream called the bluff and the break stayed away for the most part. Peter road like a man and didn't quite have it in the very end. Chad came up and got a 7th and TJ came in for a top 20. The TT went well, TJ road for a solid 3rd and Zack came in for a nice 5th. With a day of rest, the guys and I were ready for the crit. Plan was to attack and make the race hard. All the guys did awesome awesome work and I sprinted for 4th.

Overall im happy with the result, and I think i'm ready to survive in Europe.

Sleepy time. I get to spend a lovely 10 hours in the New York airport tomorrow after waking up at 5am. YAY im so so exicted.


veloandvino said...

Great ride! Good luck in europe. Are you sure your flight is tomorrow?

DHOLLA said...

Thanks man.

HAHAAHA ya im here on he right day.

veloandvino said...

your dad was helping me out at the track this sat..

thank him for me.

Steve Fong said...

Congrats on your 4th place in the crit. You da man.