What a waste of a day.

I'm in an airport right now, been here sense 9am, had to leave the hotel around 8 so would have been pretty tough to get in a spin that early, with all that packing after. My flight doesn't leave tell 5 wont get home tell 8 so no way to ride after I get home. But what is completely cracking me is that i'm in an airport for 8 hours. this totally sucks.

So the final day of Fitchburg.

The crit.

I found out it is possible to have a 3 corner crit. One big U-turn, a small sweeper then to real tight left handers to a slight up hill drag.

First off the boys absolutely killed it today, road like seasoned pros and showed everyone there we have the strength and balls to ride. Through out the whole weekend we were the only team to really step up and ride as a team. Unfortunetly we didn't get a result besides Zacks flying TT. Back to the crit. An early break got away and got a good gap quickly; with no other teams wanting to step we massed at the front to bring it back. A few Rite-Aid guys were up there, but really ride that hard. At first the gap wasnt coming down, but the boys kept focused and road the hell out of there bikes and started to bring it back. By 10 to go the break really started to sit up and we caught them really quick. Then the counter attacks started to fly, and the pace really picked up. The boys were cooked from the steller work, and I had to start riding my bike. For the next 10 laps it was attack after attack, and the final few laps were pretty hectic in the bottom 2 corners. A last minute swarm killed what I thought was a good spot to be in, and then guys sprinting backwards nearly crashing eachother ruined anything I might have been able to make up.

So in the end I didn't come up with anything for the boys amazing work. At the end of the day I was really frustrated that I couldn't come up with anything.

Overall we got some great team riding in the 3 days of racing, and came together to race our bikes. This is a great thing going into nationals a week or so away.

For me its time to spend some time with my lovely flower Rose, and get my head on straight before a long 40 days of travel.

Ugh more airport time.


Olaf Vanderhoot said...

airports suck

bike racing good

whip it up.

veloandvino said...

dude, I'm still cracking myself up from the porta locka...

got ya.