Probably the worst day on the bike ever.

Finished dead last, well sense I didn't even cross the line I'll probably receive a DNF. Today was suppossed to be an "easy" day, end in a field sprint my "speciality". I'm starting to question what kind of rider I am. Plenty of lonely k's by yourself make you think.

I've never felt so bad in my life, the legs just wouldn't turn over. Even at the easist pace it felt like I was doing "big" watts.

Being under a microscope dosen't help either. Just adds more pressure than I'm putting on myself.

What doesn't kill me make me


YbsisKaren said...

I remember a day like that when I did the RAGBRAI in Iowa one year. I thought there was nothing left in the legs, the behing and the mind. But the next day was better and I went on to complete the tour. You can do it. Good luck to you, AK

Hooptie said...

welcome to my world! It will make victory that much more glorious.

Olaf Vanderhoot said...


Miller said...

eh.. so what... go to sleep, wake up and it's a new day to redeem yourself.. maybe you just need the berry train to mooch off of?? LOL.. just kidding playa.. your bad ass and don't even know it... you'll slay.. relax...