Since France I have started to feel better. I tried to ride the day after I crumbled and it didn't work so well, but took some decent pictures of the area. The second stage started at Strasbourg in front of this super cool cathedral. The best starting locatin I've ever seen.

Heres a short video clip of the start area.

A view that lasted for a few k's

A small town in the center of the circuits on stage 2.

So I had to take a train from Mulhouse to Izegem since I was done racing there and could race back in Izegem. The train ride was long to say the least, but s few cool sights to see but none came out on the camera.

How to pack a bke for a train.

Inside a train car. How exciting.

looking at

this for hours can cause you to crack.

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YbsisKaren said...

I've stood in front of that same Cathedral with Ma & Umpah and Walt. Umpah's ancestors live just across the river from there in Germany.