Hey all, so the past month or so has been slow yet gone by very fast. I have been riding here and there but getting more consistent. I did a crazy epic ride with some buddys. I leave for the Burnaby 6 day the day after x-mas and come back in 08. I'm looking forward to the race and the experience but not looking forward to the suffering, cause i'm really in no shape to be a contender. I'm just planning on be safe pack fodder.

I'm looking forward to the new year and everything thats going to come with it. I've added a new training tool this winter and I can feel it working. But from what I understand it will work better even next year.

Tell next big news.

Have Happy Holidays!!!


Anonymous said...

Care to share what the new training tool is?

Anonymous said...


DHOLLA said...

naw its my little secret. hopefully it will be my little advantage. probably not, but i like to think so.

Spencer B said...

IT's CRACK......i knew you were always a crack head holloway