So I'm hanging out in Vancouver B.C. for the Burnaby 6-Day coming up on Monday. The weather here is crap, cold and some snow. I'm glad the track is indoors and has a heater. We still are training in long sleeves and leg warmers but race day will be no problem. The track is a cool little 200m track with plywood at the top and nice wood on the bottom. With the tracks age and what not there is a lot of little dips and bumps that keep you on your toes.

We got the new Nike gear to race in, it looks sweet and hopefully fits even better. The legs are slowly coming around, it's not like I am fit this time of year but I'm thinking that I will get stronger everyday if I take care of myself. The spin in getting smoother and faster at the end of every work out which is nice.

As far as the racing goes I'm not quite sure what to expect. I have already seen one crash from a team that racing, plus really bad technique from other teams that are racing. Plus I've heard even more world cup legs are showing up. There will be a big deference in skill and speed here. Iggy and I have talked about looking toward the end of the races to look for opportunity. We will see how that all works out.

Our host house is super cool and the house is real nice. Vancouver is a really cool little, big city. Clay and I went walking around when we first arrived a couple days ago. Tomorrow is an off day so we will have a little more time to look around after we hit the rollers. I keep forgetting to take my camera to the track but its packed and ready to go for tonight, so I will put up pics the next update. There may be a youtube video or two in the future also.

Remember your New Year!

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jAndy donka-donk said...

keep us updated damnit...

and you are fitter this winter then I have ever seen you in the winter. You will do fine, your crafty...