Days 4 and 5

Day four went ok. We got our lap back and for the most part secured 5th place, as long as we don't have anymore bad luck. We started off the night following the fast wheels and conserving energy, and looking for opportunity's. Nothing showed up until the final race. A 200 lap madison, the longest race of the whole 6 days. Again our plan was to follow wheels and let the other team make mistakes. At 70 or so laps to go Iggy attacked and got the ball rolling. We got the half lap quickly and teams would chase and sit up, so it made it a long time out. We almost got pulled back at the sprint, but we kept rolling and the group sat up. I got thrown in to catch the rear of the field and that I did, but as soon as I got there I tried to go over the top and back to the front to be safe. That didn't happen, as I was going over people went up track and I had nowhere to go except in to the boards. I slid from top to bottom with another guy on top of me. Bruised the mess out of my left ankle plus other random other marks you get when you crash. We kept our lap and won the race, but did I take a beating doing it. Oh I also destroyed a Mavic IO. Day 5 went well, conserved energy to try and take some laps out of the team ahead of us. We were able to take one lap out them, but not much else.

Today is the lat day of racing and our plan is to race like madmen, go all out and see what happens.


Anonymous said...

Danny are you ok? Hope so, cause your wheel is really effed up. Sound familiar?

PS. Hope you're really ok and do well tonight.
Dash says hi!

Brian Peterson said...

Nice racing, Daniel. Hope things went well on the last night (tonight). Hope to see you at the points race next weekend.

James Theo said...

your IO? I don't care about you :P just the wheel. Sounds like you're doin quite well bud.