Burnaby Day 6.

The race is finally done. But I was ready to race a few more days. I'm glad we raced 88's all week, it defenitly helped. The racing wasn't as fast as other nights, I think a lot of the big guys were tired from rolling huge gears early. Iggy and I won the last madison of the night again by taking a lap. We had some help from friends in the field by not railing it while we were out front. It was a great way to end a long 6 days.


TreBone said...

Great job! So what's next on your calendar?

KW said...


It was good racing with you this past week, I was hoping to get a cut of the racing on a DVD if you can pull that off. Let me know.

Kenny Williams

Anonymous said...

hey dude you think you would be able to send me a copy of the race footage?


Williams Cycling said...


Email me at ksdb3815@yahoo.com

I need to run something by you.

Keith Williams

romank said...

Hey man,

Send me an email if you get a chance I have a question for ya.