My Grandpa came out to watch me race.

What a way to end the year.

So tonight was the first day of the Burnaby 6, it was crazy. Too many teams that shouldn't be in the race. Just cause your a good road rider doesn't mean your a good track rider, let alone race a madison on a 200 meter track. Iggy and I weren't sure what to expect from the race and our legs. The 200m TT went well, 5th and the team Miss and Out went well getting 5th. Compared to everyone else we're riding small gears and not training for world cups.

The first madison we were in great position and I got taken out by and Idiot passing underneath after I threw in Iggy. No rear road rash, but smacked my head pretty good and jacked up my ankle. After that we were playing catch up cause Iggy had to take a super long pull when the fast guys were killing it. I took care of my self after the race and tried as best as I could to get mentally ready for the next one, Iggy and I didn't have the legs to keep up when the big attacks went, but we did our best to limit losses. We should be in 5th or 6th, but I'm not sure cause all the points and laps are being taken by hand.

Hopefully I can sleep well and my body will do enough to get me through the next day. What makes this so much easier is that my girlfriend is here to watch a few days and got to hang out for new years.

Clay is doing an awesome job taking care of us and giving us a lot of useful info that we can't see out there on the bike.

Time to snuggle with my lady!



Anonymous said...

Hey Daniel,
Hope you're not too sore, great pictures and thanks for the update. Marc

dino dante said...

Roadies show up at Hellyer and expect to skip the beginner sessions and race all the time. One particular "rockstar" totally blew apart the warm-up session on his first time out and then proceeded to end up on his head during a points race. Experienced guys like you need to put the pressure on the local roadies to pay their dues and learn safety and etiquette before they jump in and put the rest of us in danger.

Anonymous said...

Hey Man, You guys were going great out there last night. Keep it up!