It's been a while.

So I can't say that I've been too busy to post anything, it's more of lazieness this time of year. But things are starting to pick up and I'm going to traveling soon. Right now I have been trying to spend as much time with the family as possible before I start going away. I have already been out of the country twice this year, and we're just past week one of February. This year is going to be crazy, I think I'm at a whole new level for myself. More is on my plate this year, and it's definitely not the dessert.

Training camp went ok for myself, but good as far as meeting the staff and the big boys. The altitude just kicked my ass, first day there was awful and it never got better. After camp 8 of us headed to the Bahamas to kick of the season. Three of us U23 guys, five big guns. (Dave Z. Christian VdV, Tyler Farrar, Danny Pate, Tom Petterson.) Dave rocked the TT, and Tyler showed his ass to everyone else in the Road Races. I have never been on a team that worked so well together. From the director to the staff and the riders. In the two days of racing I learned so much, the pro guys are so easy to talk to and get answers from. It's awesome to be somewhere, where guys want to help you out, and teach you the ropes. I'm super happy to be a part of this team.

Up next on the schedule is all the local races, plus a few of the NRC's in the are before I head off to Europe on March 12th. I am excideley nervous to go over there. I excited for all the awesome racing and enviroment, but nervous for the bigger races on the schedule. I'm normally not an early season performer, so I'm not 100% sure what to expect from myself. Hopefully we have some "easier" races to warm up with before the big show.

Getting a new comp soon, so I should be able to put up more pics and things of the sort a bit easier.

How bout them Giants?!!!!!!!!!


veloandvino said...

call me.


your gonna ride with me and Reaney wed.

YbsisKaren said...

Our power of positive thinking go with you on your new leg of the journey. So many new things are coming your way and GBWY for all of them. Good thing for the love of family EH?