Right away I smell cigarette smoke. Does no one care about themselves or people around them. I'm already feeling like crap from it. Anyways, the plane ride was a long one. I couldn't fall asleep for the life of me, and all that did was get me thinking that I'm going to fall asleep and screw up the sleep schedule. That would be no good. First race is sunday, looks like it's going to be cold and probably some sort of wet.

Right now I would love to hug my lady, and have a nice 10 hours of sleep.

Already miss home.


Anonymous said...

Pick your head up boy! You got the goods, now use them. Your woman will still be here when you get back - I am sure JA will take care of her ;-). Just kidding.

Keep us updated. We are all cheeering for you - til' you come back anyway!

get er done and come back nice and tired so I can pick on you til you recover.


sanjuro said...

A little spring rain? Doesn't sound like you really need that extra rain jacket....