A short race report and Update.

Sunday was my first race in Belgium. What a race, at the start you couldn't if it was going to rain for sure or not. I went back and forth back and forth with what I wanted to start with and carry. Should have picked the warmer gloves. (don't go by what the locals are doing) The race starts off like a mad dash, everyone wanting the bumper of the neutral car. It was crazy to say the least. The legs felt really heavy from the travel still and I was a little nervous, so that didn't help. I made a total idiot move and it cost me even trying to finish the race, so my day was short.

Monday was a nice day almost 2 hours of alone time on the bike to think and observe the land. Tuesday we did Tour of Flanders training. It is pretty weird to be doing all the climbs you see in pics from cycling news or see from videos. I had a blast, and my legs finally were felling good. I had some tightness here and there but what are you going to do. My day was going great and I was having a blast on my bike until I got side swiped by a big truck and pulled to the ground. Easily the scariest time of my life. I was riding behind Guy (a teammate) as we were passing a parked car and a the truck was passing us. The front of the truck went by with no big problem, and all of a sudden I feel the bed brush my shoulder, again and again. I thought I was going to be able to ride away from it at first but then all I could think about was getting sucked up under the wheels. Before I knew it my jersey got caught on tie down hook I was bouncing off the ground hoping that I wasn't going to get run over by the following car. I grabbed my bike and pulled it to the side walk to have a seat. At first I thought possible broken hip, I was on and off thinking that once I got back on my bike and every down stroke hurt worse and worse.

Cutting out other small details I got to the hospital okay and ex-rays showed no chipped bones or anything, I just smacked my hip really really hard, It is real swollen right now and my whole left side is super tight.

I was able to ride the rollers for about 2 hours today on the track bike with out to much of a problem. It just sucks that right when I was feeling good it turned for the worst. But it could be a whole lot worse, I could have been sucked under and ran over. I had a great chat with my dad earlier this week about staying positive and things will turn around. So right now I'm trying to smile and laugh as much as I can.

The weather is supposed to be turning for the worse the next few days. Snow is in the forecast, but i've been trying to set up going to the track to train on friday so hopefully that will come through. If not it looks like I'm going to be getting really familiar with the rollers.


YbsisKaren said...

Did the truck even know you were a casualty of the brush by? I'm SO very glad you are ok. Glad to know things are just banged up a bit. Hang in there I'm rootin for you to do your best safely from now on. A Karen

Sterling said...

chin up brother.

Spencer B said...

Hey man glad your ok man. I would have shat myself if I were you. Make em hurt over there.

Anonymous said...

Awwww man....could be worse, a bruised hip ain't broken, ask Eric.

GL over there DH


veloandvino said...

Holla- good luck, very very happy you are OK.

its 70 degrees and sunny today, just think you could be going to copperopolis.

marcer said...

Hey Danny,
Do your best work there
in the races!
Jen Dash and and I are thinking good thoughts.

Hjordis said...

Hey dude, We are thinking about you in Texas. No more close calls, to stressful so think wonderful, positive thoughts and remember you can do whatever you set your mind and body to. So close your eyes and just image all the tension leaving your body when you exhale and see yourself relaxed and doing what it is you do. Feel the power of your body and be at one with your bike. Love and Hugs Hjordis

sanjuro said...

Better wear those gloves I got you...