Hey all,

So everything is getting better on the home front. My hips are feeling better. (I crashed on my right one last weekend) With fantastic help from Dr. Block, I'm almost a hundred percent.

I am about to board a plan to south america to race the Continental Pan American games. The first of the racing is track, I'm nervous of how my legs will go, but I'm excited for the road race. I just hope I don't get some sort of stomach bug, but on the flip side I would loose a bunch of weight.

So time for a nice 10 or 12 hour flight or however long this thing is. I hope I don't get stuck next to someone who can't get settled or behind someone who loves to slam the seat back every ten minutes. Man traveling can suck. Can someone invent the time machine, or can I fall on my head and become a Jumper or something.

Wish me some good luck, I havn't had much lately.

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YbsisKaren said...

I am sending my best wishes for safe rides and an settled stomach. Glad to hear you are getting back on track - no puns intended here. hehehe hugs, A Karen