Hello people in cyber land.

So I am back home in sunny California after a rough trip in Europe. I found out my hip was out of place after my crash, causing more pain with every pedal stroke. After my trip to spain for a short stage race I made the decision to come home. While waiting for monday to come home I got an offer to race in Uruguay at the Continental Championships in May. That should be a great experience, some sketchy track racing even faster sketchy road racing.

Right now it feels good to be home with no real pressure and great weather to heal up and get ready for May. After I get back from Uruguay It's all focus on Tour of PA, and then Downers Grove. There will be a few races here and there in between but those are the goals.

I raced the Sea Otter RR today, everything about that race is awful expect the biking part. The venue is a big pain in the ass, the staff was real rude, they made something so simple in to something real complicated. Go here fill out this paper, jump on one leg, give us a ridiculous amount of money, walk over there to get treated like crap, fill out this paper, stand over in that line for something that should come with your race number. I don't know what I was thinking going down there for that race. I'm just glad my lady had a great time roaming around the venue while I was out racing, and that I felt pretty good on the bike considering everything. I'm just excited for when I get back to 100%. I'm going to have some fun fun time on the bike.

Big shout out to the Velo Promo races. They got there shit together. Makes bike racing that much more fun!!!!

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Margin Walker said...

Dan, thanks for the lesson yesterday. You're a great teacher. And watching you and AJ tear it up later on was almost as instructive as getting to make those exchanges with you. Sorry about the bad luck and again big thanks for taking the time to teach me that stuff.