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So I ended up racing the scratch race last night. They let 2 per country race, but I was not ready. Not thinking I was racing meant I didn't do the proper day before prep in my training. But no big deal, just do everything I can for my teammate. My warm up went well, the legs started to come around.

With normal South American scheduling our race was started earlier than we thought. I had been sitting around doing some stretching before getting on the rollers for the last time. I was caught dead cold for the start, on the line I was shaking pretty good. The legs turned around pretty quick, and next thing I knew I was off the front with a real good gap. It was too early and I was sucked back in. All race I was attacking and trying to keep the YO-YO effect down for my teammate who rides a bigger gear. In the end we both lapped the field with 7 others. I led it out with about 500m to go and Cody ended up third after keeping it upright getting knocked from both sides.

The points race was today, and it went pretty well. I ended up 2nd after some heavy heavy racing. The first part of the race was a tough rolling a smaller gear than everyone else, but in the end it paid off having a little bit fresher legs than everyone else to take the final sprint and move into 2nd. From the gun I was off the front trying to find the right mix to get the lap. It happened pretty quick, and I started looking for the sprint point to move up. Soon enough I found myself in another break that lapped the field, only 3 of us 2 laps up (big points). After reevaluating my situation I changed up my tactics of following to attacking to see if I could make a 3rd lap. Got 2/3 of the way around but my break mates did have the juice to make it all the way around with the chase. With 20 or so to go I was getting word that I was 3 points behind 2nd place, time to get my gitty up on. No avail until the final sprint where I got a killer lead out from Cody who dropped me off perfect to claw my way to the sprint win and 2nd overall.

Tonight was really good for my own morale and the future. Im just happy that my injury is for the most part gone. I still have to tend to it to make sure it doesn't come back. But another one may have come up, but not for sure we shall see in a few days. Vigo is an amazing masseur and has helped tremendously with everything that has come up.

Time for some sleep to get as much rest for tomorrow's big day. The madison is going to be really hard, Zach Bell and Sven Tuft are just going right now. Plus there are some guys down here that are flying as well, and they don't give up.


YbsisKaren said...

You can't beat a good massage. I'm all for it. I'm glad to hear things are looking better for you. Congrats on your 2nd place - Shows things are coming together. YEAH! A Karen

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Brian Peterson said...

Congrats on a great result Daniel! Go get them in the Madison.