The madison didn't go to well. Cody got crashed 35 laps in to it and hit his head pretty good. He's doing alright now, just really banged up. With his crash I now do the omnium, 5 races is a short period. 200m, 5k scratch, 3k pursuit, ?k points races, and end with a beautiful KILO! My legs are pretty tired due to the fact I haven't hit the track hard this year, just out there to mix it up. I am going to take it one event at a time and see how it goes. Hopefully I have a decent 3k, the track here is really bumpy and windy. The wind is always changing and at different strengths.

Time to head to bed.

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Steve R said...

Sorry about Cody. Good luck with all those races stacked on top of what you've already done. If anyone can recover from so many efforts, it's probably you.