Tour of PA and AVC

So I will start out with last weekend and the AVC. It was a good weekend, I walked away with my skin and some money. The racing was pretty solid and a lot of fun. Big shout out to Robin for putting together a killer race and getting an awesome crowd out to watch.

Tour of PA is off to a start, I heard that I cracked the top 10 in the TT but its not for sure. The course was a good one, real fast start in to a small hill and then in to the finish. The crit tonight is in the same area, its not really a cool crit, wide open road in a park. That means no spectators and sketchy riding. The team is real motivated to kill it for who ever is feeling good.

The staff here is doing a killer job, Keith Williams has stepped in as a everything man, as well as Zack who worked with us last year. DameO makes a bike feel like butter, so so smooth.

Time for Chipotle to fill the tank and some legs up.


veloandvino said...

keep us posted! good luck in the crit!

Anonymous said...

guess you're feeling better about it now, ain't, bro? that is actually the same finish to the memorial hall crit in early may...it IS cool.

mhernandez said...


indeed, dholla cracked the 10-spot in the TT ... and then busted open the Kelly's mafia in the crit and won hisself a bike race.

The final 2 corners of the crit were amazing to watch. Daniel put in some epic bike handling, huge horsepower, and kicked that crit in the ass.

Great Race.

Steve R said...

Nice work Daniel! Jim was re-motivated just by talking to you at the AVC race. You must be flying!

Anonymous said...

All I can say is WOW! I sent your mom a note saying it appeared to be a good time for your hard work to pay off.
Great going and keep it up.
We willl be looking for you on the tube.

ryan b said...

nice, danny, that's a big one!

veloandvino said...
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veloandvino said...

I just ate a burrito to celebrate! I'll eat one for every stage you win.

Tracey and I heard the news last night at the track. Huge congrats!!! Your MOM and POP were beaming. They are really proud!

Good luck.

Spencer B said...

dude congrats on the win

Jen + Dash said...

WooHoo! Nice going Danny! you rock man -

Anonymous said...

jesus chong