hey all.

The last 2 days from Tulsa were less eventful than the first one. Breaks went, I missed out tried to giv'er but no luck. There was a wicked storm than came threw the last day that cancelled most of the days racing, it flooded our host house's front yard and ripped trees out of the ground around the neighborhood.

The River going into the neighbors yard.

The next week I flew out to Omaha to meet and my buddy Alex and drive to St. Louis for the Tour of Winghaven. The two days I show up to ride my bike in Omaha the winds were howling. A 3 and half hour ride felt like 6 to legs, and I did the longest hour and half of my life. The wind had to be consistently blowing at 30 and then put some gusts on top of that. It ended up being the perfect training for Winghaven. The race went around a 3 mile circuit of a development for 25 lap, about 3000+ feet of climbing done. It was 95 degrees out, 70% humidity and WINDY! I planned on sitting in all race, but ended up creating the break that stayed away. 1 became 2, 2 became 4, 4 became 6; and that was all she wrote. A long day off the front, but it payed off by staying hydrated and conserving energy. John from our host house came out with two of his boys to feed Alex and I, that saved us. In the end one guy crashed himself into another guy breaking his wheel, and my buddy Alex and another guy didn't have quite enough on the last lap. It was me against one other and I had enough to come around. For me the normal Chipotle lunch worked, but not so hot for Alex.

A storm that came threw Omaha the night before I left.

A good gallery of the race

Now I have been home doing my best to get ready for Tour of PA. There are some hard stages to be had, but hopefully all the right work has been done.


velogirl said...

how convenient that the neighbors had a bridge in their front yard.

YbsisKaren said...

Congrats. I can hear the music from the bike ride out of the Wizzard of OZ when the witch is riding in the storm... keep up the good riding.