An update while I have a few min.

After Tour of PA I flew straight to Michigan for the UIV 3-Day. Being that MIchigan is not a very friendly bike community and the roads are not really conducive to ride on. I only road a few times that week and it was for a short time on the track. On friday my legs wern't so hot and the goal was to make the top 10 teams which was pretty easy to do. My legs felt better each day but my teammate had some bad luck and crashed twice and was not allowed to continue racing. I left Michigan feeling pretty good with my legs after a hard week before.

RIght now I'm in Oregon at the Cascade Classic getting it put to me in the Hills. So far the first two stages have gone by and Im still kicking enough to ride. Tomorrow is the TT and a Crit. The TT starts out with a up hill and then down hill to the finish, Im only nervous because Botero and Levi are flying and I hope the 25% time cut is enough.

Time for more R&R!

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Reisen said...

hey daniel,

it was great seeing you and ruggy again. and thanks for the tips! i'm healing up quick and watching you race was flat out inspiring.