I am back from the cascade classic now. I was having a pretty good week until saturday when I had a asthma attack on the first climb 15k or so in to the race. I havn't had an asthma attack in a while so it was scary moment. As I was getting passes by the caravan cars I told Chann what was going on and he just relax and keep going. Relax is what I did, I was able to recover enough to ride back to the caravan and hand sling my way back to a group that made it back to the peleton after a long decent. After riding in the group for a bit my body just turned off. I dug a big hole while I couldn't breath and my body was pissed. I did everything I could to make it to the feed zone so I could make it home.

Bend is a really beautiful place and it was awesome place to be for a bike race. I wasn't mad after so much traveling to be in a place like that, plus my girlfriend showed up for a few days which was rad. Now I am back home taking a few days off the bike to let my body recover. I have about 3 weeks tell I start rolling again and start the traveling. First is Elk Grove in Illinois then back to Cali for U23 nats, and back out to Downers Grove for Elite crit nats.

If anything interesting or crazy happens I will let you know.

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marc said...

Hey D,

Asthma sucks. Like breathing hard through a straw. I find it hits 5-10 seconds after an effort. Quite irritating when you are already going downhill and feel like you're 5 feet away from swimming 50yards underwater.