So I am back from Chi town and in LA for U23 nats.

Elk Grove went pretty well, a great tune up for this week. Same heat same distance more motivation, should be AWESOME!

The TT at Elk Grove was not so hot, bad warm up means bad TT. The road race went much better, a totally odd race for that level. Chaos was name of the game, a fast technical circuit on neighborhood streets. Before I knew it the race was half over and the race was split on half, I was in the back with Horner and Zirbel. Starting to feel the lack of food and heat Horner cracks the whip and gets a spilt with a few guys. I knew that was my ticket it to the front group so I had to make it. After sitting on for a bit I decided to help with the chase. Not feeling great I still ticked on taking pull for pull with these two super strong guys. After it was all said and done we closed the 2min gap. Once we hit the circuit I was pretty cooked, I just hoped for the best. At the finish I ended up 7th after most of the top guys crashed out in the final corner. I barely made it home after the race. The crit was not super exciting, the course was an L shape and more neighborhood streets. An early break went early and took all the money and time bonus seconds. Wish I could have made it. The chase started early to keep the break in check so it didn't make it to teh finish. At first I was following wheels but there was so much jumping that it was getting annoying, so I decided to help with the chase a bit so I could go threw all the corners nice and smooth and then sit top 8 for a while. The plan worked and I got a nice ride tell 10 or so to go before the other teams started to fight to keep there train second in line. I went back and forth trying to fight and slot in where I fit in. The race kept getting more and more hectic so I stayed as safe as possible and still trying to give myself a good shot and getting some good money. I ended up 20th on the day and 15th overall which payed pretty well for the weekend.

Back here in Cali, the TT was today. Stetna toally killed it today to take home Stars and Bars. Calebke put in a steller for a small climber. He is my roommate for week so I totally ready for him to kill it after talking with him. My TT went okay considering a few factors, I ended up 22nd on a pretty TT/Climber specific course so I'm satisfied. The crit goes off tomorrow night and I havn't seen a team more excited and ready to roll. The course isn't the best one out there but it should do.

What's cool about being down in LA for nats is that Oakley is pretty close, so a few of us went over to get a tour by the ring leader. That place is so rad, I could spend all day there looking at everything they have there. They have glasses upon glasses in colors upon colors. Just all sorts of great stuff and super cool people, I would love to pick so many brains there about how these amazing pieces of eyewear come about. I got some pretty sick stuff too, pics tomorrow.

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Paul Jaqua from Savannah GA, we met in Detroit for the UIV 3 day races. Just wanted to catch up with you before the season gets too late. Remember to let us know if you plan to go, or get invited to go, to Deutchland for any of the 6 days. I would like to come spectate as I usually make at least one trip a year to see a friend of mine who is a masseur for one of the pro teams. Usually Fulst. Sounds like you're having a pretty good year. Keep it up.