Hello all.

The past two week have been pretty good to me. I have been able to get some good rest in, quality time with my lovely lady and family.

Last weekend I got my head kicked in pretty good at the Watsonville crit after not riding all week, but I got some redemption on sunday winning the SLO crit. My last race as an amateur and in the stars and stripes. I'm now a Stagaire on Garmin-Chipotle. I was so stoaked to receive the opportunity this year, I really thought that if it was going to happen it would be for next year. I'm just happy with myself for putting in the hard work to get this far and I am more motivated than ever to ride hard.

I just want to give a big thank you for everyone who has helped me get this far, and all the support.

Right now I'm hanging out in Elk Grove for a big money weekend, and to tune up a little bit for U23 nats in LA next week. As far as my schedule goes I'm not quite sure whats going on after that, possibly Tour of Britain or Tour of Missouri and after that who knows.


Peter said...

so proud of ya. always knew you'd be a champ after watching you race superweek 4 years ago talking about eating a pint of ice cream every day. :D Awesome!

YbsisKaren said...

I can't tell you enough how proud I am of you and all the hard work you have been doing. Congratulations on your accomplishments. Good luck with this Elk Grove ride. Spin hard but live like you mean it. We are supporting you all the way. Would have been nice to see you ride in UT, but alas we're with you in spirit where ever you are. A Karen

Jen + Dash said...

So next time we get a hug from you - We'll be hugging a pro? I'll have to have you rub my belly for good luck :-)

Congrats and I'll eat the ice cream from now on!
xxxooo - Jen

Anonymous said...

Do you need more socks? :)

Keep up the good work! Maybe I'll see you in MO.
Jesus Chong

Marco Aledia said...

good to see ya this weekend man... and congrats again brotha...

cya soon!


Brian Peterson said...

Congratulations Daniel! Now I can add you to the list of pro's who thrash me at Hellyer. :-)