I found some time at 330 a.m. in PA to sneak in a short blog about what's going on with me.

In 20 min I hop in a shuttle to get to the airport to fly back home from another couple days away.

Downers went pretty well for me all things considered. First Downers pro crit, a little sickness, and missing a little fitness. It was great that VDV showed up to give the home town crowd something to cheer for. I was a bit surprised to see him after everything he's done this season, to put himself in a spot where crap could happen. He made the home crowd happy, and was able to walk away with his life. LOL. I ended up 11th which isn't anything to be upset with and gives me plenty of room to grow.

I was at home for 2 days before I had to head back out to the east coast for Madison Cup. Colby called me up and asked if I wanted to go it with him, how could I say no? The racing went really well, we got a lap early in the night and held on to it. I was really happy with legs since they havn't been on a track bike in a while.

Well time to get my things together to get to that shuttle.



Anonymous said...

I know VDV is VDV, and I know what he means to American cycling, but it would have been more of a classy move for him to help WIN the race, IMHO. Regardless, you raced great.


Anonymous said...

Great going on the Madison! It was neat to see you team up with a noted rider and 'get 'er done'.
Having seen Colby ride in Burnaby in Jan was fun but I didn't expect him to call for you to ride with him.

Nikki said...

Great job with the Madison and awesome with the Scratch! Way to go!