Tour of MIssouri

Holy CRAP!!! What an adventure! Last time I was here, it was a totally different. A different team, different teammates, different thought process, everything is nuts. Sometimes I catch myself a bit star struck from guys like Dave Z, The Pate, VDV. But they are just normal guys. Last year the team van smelt bad, and had trash all over it, but now I get to ride to the races in a tour bus the Stones would roll on. (okay maybe not that lavish but its still a huge tour bus) Something I am not all used too.

We did this awesome meet and greet at the Garmin headquarters today which was rad. That whole team of people is amazing and awesome to have behind us. The Q&A was awesome, bunch of laughs and great questions. Tomorrow we do a big group ride with 150+ employees, that should be a blast.

Two more days tell the action starts, I'm excited for it to all start.

Time for Space Legs!


Anonymous said...

You have ridden with and against many of these guys. Keep within yourself and drive hard, the results will speak for themselves.

Steve R said...

Congrats on earning a place with such a major group of teammates.

Monday's race just ended and it sounds like you had a teammate close to winning. The news is pretty sparse, though. I hope you weren't in the crash. If you have energy to type, we'd love an update.