Day 2 and 3

Day 2 was the longest the stage of the tour and I could for sure feel it. Even though there is no substantial climbing here, we did over 4000 feet of climbing. The circuit was really hard due to how sketchy and long the stage was. I tried to help Tyler as much as I could but missed out a bit in the final lap. I'd like to think I helped VDV out a bit by giving him a nice shove as he was coming back after leading it out from 1k to go, but I'm sure it didn't make much of a difference.

Day 3

OUCH!!! That hurt!

After getting time cut last year, I put down a fast half of the race and kept a hard tempo the second half to make for sure it did not happen again.

VDV absolutely killed it today and took the jersey. The rest of the is gonna be tough, but I'm ready to do work.

On the flip side. My roommate Blake crashed really really hard today around the fastest corner on the course. His tire blew out and he went off a steep embankment. All the details of how it all happened are still unknown, but I'm relieved to say he is awake and responding normal.He ended up with a concussion, a broken clavicle, cracked sternum, cracked iliac and lung contusions. Blake has been my roommate for the 2 races I have done with Garmin, for the rest of the week I'm going to be thinking of him and try to do some more work for him. Wish him a speedy recovery please.

Who knows if I will have enough energy the rest of the week after riding the front.


Nikki said...

Cheered you on at the finish today. Very sorry to hear about Blake - sending best wishes for a speedy recovery his way.

I was going to drop your pic your way from the finish but (in a good way) my timing was off as you came up that last hill to the line faster than I thought and got a solid shot of your butt. Not the shot I wanted.

Great ride today! Good Luck this week and I hope C and you guys kill it all the way through Sunday!

YbsisKaren said...

It's alway tough when a crash happens. We have added his recovery to our list of prayers. We are so proud of you -keep up the good work. Saw some flicker pics of you - NiCe. A Karen

Anonymous said...

Great going in the t/t.
Getting dropped the other time made a hard lesson but now it put you well up.
Very sorry to hear about Blake and his injuries. We will pray for a speedy recovery. It will make for hard work for the rest of the team.

Darryl said...

I love the pictures of you in the TT, you posted a great time. It is so cool you being on the "A" team and riding with the big boys..

Thanks for sharing on the page. I will be praying for Blake's recovery.