MIssouri Day 1

Everything went better than I had hoped. I had the legs to help Tyler stay safe and as fresh as possible. He ended up 2nd which is awesome, but we know we can get that first spot. We are all super motivated, and ready to do all the work needed to succeed.

Tomorrow is the longest day of the tour and the weather is supposed to be good, so that makes everything a little bit better. The legs feel better than they did before so that gives me an easy mind to sleep with.

Time for bed.


Anonymous said...

Great work Daniel! Being in the top 20 shows how all the hard work pays off.

bikemom said...

Great job and we are proud of you. You deserve this with all yoiur hard work.

YbsisKaren said...

It's great to recognize a winner and be one of the best fans. Congrats and ride safely-A Karen

Steve R said...

For those who'd like to see some Daniel photos on Slipstream's Flickr account, here's a link.

I especially liked seeing you signing autographs. We should have asked for one years ago!