Air Force

Between Philly and Air Force weekend the team bedded down in a small town 45 minutes outside of Arlington. It was a nice small town that reminded me of home. All the necessities close by but none of the hustle and bustle. Our first ride out we found a nice bike path that Virgina has called the W&OD trail. We spent all week riding along the trail and ended up a few nice people out riding or in the shops along the route. Each day we ventured further and further down the path and eventually ran into Arlington. Was a nice mellow week in between Philly and the crits.

The first crit in Arlington is not really my favorite course in the world but I gave it a good go. The team isn't exactly what you would call a bunch of crit monkeys. At the end of the day we missed the move that lapped the field, the guys did a great job organizing quickly to chase, but the whole sprint brake corner sprint thing was against them. The next day was a much better course, way more flow and wider roads. Around the half way point a break with all the teams stared to form, the guys rallied to the front fast and closed the gap enough for me to jump across. The break was on and off smooth because the UHC rider wasn't working. (rightly so, his teammate was leading the omnium) After a few laps the break had split, I found myself off the front with JJ Haedo and Dion Smith. We worked well together until JJ's director told him to stop contributing. Dion carried the trio for the next few laps and then soldiered on as JJ and I started to throw in the towel. All of a sudden two of JJ's team mates bridged the gap, one of the was Luis Amaron (3rd in the omnium). This was now an all or nothing move, UHC had started to chase as the move threatened their overall chance in the omnium. With 3 Jamis riders out of 5 I could sit back and ride the wheels as it was in their hands to press the pace to win the omnium. One of Jamis riders fell of the pace and it was down to four of us. Dion was the next rider to fall off the pace, and it was down to two Jamis riders and me. At the point I had been staring at the rear hub of what ever rider was in front of me. My tactic was to mainly survive the pace from Luis and JJ and contribute when necessary so I did not get gaped off. Jamis was all in to win the omnium with this move, so at times I could sit back but I also had to do my share to keep the pace high. In the end I followed JJ across the line for 2nd and Luis took 3rd and the overall in the omnium.

The weekend ended on a high note heading into Tour de Beauce, my legs started to come around and I was feeling good and ready for the racing ahead in Canada.

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Zach said...

Daniel -

Thanks so much for doing these race reports/blog posts. It's so great to have a pro racer stay in touch with the cycling community - we all really appreciate it.

Good luck and keep having fun on the bike!