So it's been just over two weeks here in Europe/Belgium (now in France for 5 days), and I like it here. The races are fun, the food is great, and there is no real excuse to ride bad. Almost everything you need is given to you so that all you have to do is ride your bike; that's awesome.

Tour de Alsace starts tonight with an opening 4k TTT. It's more of a show for the people than an all out affair. Team startegy hasn't yet been decided how to ride it. It's not for GC just the opening jerseys. It would be awesome to rock this thing and start off with a jersey, but there are some big boys out to play.

A couple pics of the riding around France.

Heres a pic of the view from our hotel window. That's the Gare train station.

Heres the group out training.

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Karen said...

Thanks for posting pics of the Alsace area...and your riding. It makes it seem like we are right there with you.