No Omnium for me today. I got a funky food poisoning last night from something. I had a wicked head ache, I keep going from freezing to burning up, and made multiple trips to the can. I hoping that this all goes by quickly and I can get my hydration and energy back for the road race come sunday.

Thanks for all support for my medal in the points race.


mhernandez said...


get well soon fastman.

Williams Cycling said...

Welcome to Uruguay!! Don't drink the waaa....to late!

Looks like I will be VMG/ Felt assist Director to Chann at Tour of PA. Nothing like a week with Hollywood & Co.

Anonymous said...

Hey Daniel,

Been following your career from afar... Great job on the NRC and the track stuff. I love to boast that we used to beat up on each other when you were a freckled highschool sophomore. Who knows if we'll ever cross swords again, but I doubt it'll even be close this time!


John Trefethen said...

Yo Holloway, great racing with you at Modesto this weekend. Thanks for the energy.

mhernandez said...

are you going to be local this Friday Night? if so, of course your entry is comp'd, and i'll leave a sprint slot for you if interested.

come out and dazzle the crowds if you're in town.

velogirl said...

lots of photos of you from Friday night. are you on Facebook? email me at Lorri@velogirls.com