Tulsa Tough day 1

So Alex and I headed out for a nice easy stroll along the nice Tulsa roads, we encountered one jack ass who decided to buzz us. The guy was in such a hurry to get to a red light, I made sure he had an ear full tell the light turned green. Sometimes some people just don't get that we too are humans, and that we have families just like them. Once at home we had a nice adventure finding the local Chipotle, and then plenty of time at home to relax. These late late start races are rough mentally, cause you sit around all day for a race doing nothing.

Come race time the legs were feeling okay, and I was starting to get amped listening to Dave Towle announce the other races. I got a nice front row start with settled some nerves, and bang we were off to the races. I led the whole first lap to stay out of the first lap jitters, sure enough there was a crash. I started to slowly float back to begin my wheel sucking, and wait for the finish. Ten or slow laps a nice break formed with the right numbers. I started to move back up to the front to jump across, but once I got there the break had been absorbed and it was the perfect place and time to launch the counter. Devon from strawberry went with me followed by two Toyota boys. A lap or so later it was just me and the two Toyota guys for a couple laps, the Jeff Hopkins bridged up with you guessed it, another Toyota rider. That makes the break three Toyotas, Me, and Jeff Hopkins. After another couple of laps Jeff started to sit on, so now I have to take pull for pull with 3 Toyota guys. NO FUN! After working nicely we lapped the field, I was screwed either way I tried to race. Do no work to lap and get attacked, or lap and have it eight on one.

Once we lapped we got to the front to stay safe, well that kind of worked. Some guys just have no respect, the Toyota guys set up the train and Jeff and I got on the back. Guys kept trying to bump us off the wheels and get in the way. A couple of time it got sketch but in the end all the players kept there skin. I ended up fourth in the race, the Toyota guys crushed the lead out and went 1-6 across the line. Talk about taking candy from a baby, these guys need to pick on someone there own speed.

Now for more recovery time and relaxing before todays race. A longer hill and faster finish today.

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Margin Walker said...

Thanks for the stories. Keep 'em coming.